The objective of the Responsible Pork Production project is efficient pork production, whereby the quick cycles of piggeries bring good results per pig place. The practical goal is an avarage daily gain of 950 grams and 14 weeks' cycle speed from the arrival of piglets to new piglets. Based on practical experiences, these goals can be reached with good management of total production.

This manual gives pork producers guidelines on production management. The manual includes the best practices for daily production, such as feeding, management and health care of pigs. Due to the automatization of feeding, managing the feeding of growing pigs has turned into managing ingredient information and liquid feeding systems, which requires producers new kind of knowhow. Knowing the schedule for emptying the piggery or one of its sections is also important. Ventilation adjustments have proven to be a stumbling block at many Finnish piggeries, and a comprehensive information package on this topic has been compiled. A corner stone of effective production is naturally a functioning building. There are separate guidelines on the design of a piggery, managing the building project and the measurements of the building itself. The information regarding the building can be applied on reinvestments as well as repairs and extension projects.

The best profitability of Finnish pork production will be reached with good cooperation between all players in the chain. This manual is mainly intended for producers and piggery workers as a best practices handbook but we hope it will also benefit students, advisors, feed sellers and vets of the industry as well as other stakeholders of piggeries.