Computerized feed curves

A feed curve is an amount of feed adjusted by a pig's growth stage and rationed by feeding equipment. A feed curve affects a pig's growth, feed efficiency and the pig's wellbeing.

Grower-finisher pigs' daily feed portions are entered into the computer that controls the feeding equipment, for example according to the feeding recommendation below. Feed is rationed by pen according to the information entered. Feed curves for incoming piglets should be adjusted based on the starting weight!

Because the control computer converts the feed curve's daily portions into kilos of dry matter or kilos, it is important that the feed unit value and dry matter content information on the ingredients used that is entered into the computer is as detailed as possible. Dry matter content varies especially in liquid byproducts. You also have to know which units are used when entering information into the control computer (e.g. FU/kg DM or FU/kg). If needed, ask the supplier of the equipment for additional instructions.

Even if the equipment automatically synchronizes the feed curve according to the amounts the pigs eat, the automation process and changes in the feed curve should be monitored, as the accuracy of the sensors is not 100%. Hand-held terminals can be used to make valve-specific feeding changes during the daily monitoring of animals and the information can be broken down and updated into the liquid feeder's control computer. Here is an example of cross-breed growing pigs' feed curves, entered into a control computer.

If the meat percentage and feed efficiency are good, feeding can be increased at the end of the breeding period from the below recommendation to 3.2 feed units per pig per day.




DMY- ja HMY-risteytykset

DMY and HMY crossbreeds




Barrows+mixed groups





Elopaino, kg

Live weight, kg

The feed curves of castrates and gilts differ from each other due to different eating behavior and growth potential. Gilts can be fed ad lib up to a weight of approximately 80 kilos (feed portion grows linearly). Barrows' feeding is restricted after approximately 60 live weight kilos and an even feed portion/d is provided from approximately 80 kilos.

Leikkojen ja imisien rehukäyrät 

Barrows' and sows' feed curves