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3D weighing in finishers: Fiction or reality?

1 day 11 hours ago
Even the entertainment industry can leave its mark on swine production. French researchers are working to replace old-fashioned weighing cages by a 3D reconstruction devices.

ASF expands east into new territories in Russia

4 days 12 hours ago
The year 2017 has seen African Swine Fever (ASF) creeping east beyond Russia’s Ural Mountains range, starting to pose a threat to the new regions of the country.

This website was an important part of the Responsible Pork Production project. Project has ended 2014. Site content will no longer be updated. 

On this website, you will find a handbook that describes the best practices of pork production in terms of feeding, care, construction and ventilation. Russian and English translations have been created for feeding and care. Their aim is to describe the best Finnish practices also to foreign piggery employees.

The project has utilised its own experts, HKScan Finland's experts, MTT's researchers as well as other expert services.

ELY Satafood Euroopan maaseudun kehittämisen maatalousrahasto